Bringing Criminals to Justice

⦁ Held 1000’s of criminals responsible for their crimes.

⦁ Aggressively prosecuted violent offenders and handed out significant prison sentences for dangerous criminals.

⦁ Maintained a 90+% conviction rate in Child Abuse Cases.

⦁ Established a Death Penalty Review Board to evaluate appropriate cases for the death penalty.

⦁ Started the "Denton County Most Wanted Billboard Campaign" to obtain information on the whereabouts of violent offenders.

Fair and Just Prosecutions

Disclosure Compliance Committee

All prosecutors have a legal and ethical duty to disclose favorable evidence to the defense in a criminal case. Paul created the Discovery Compliance Committee to ensure that favorable evidence is quickly identified and provided to the defense.

Mentor Program

Started a Felony – Misdemeanor Prosecutor Mentor Program where experienced felony prosecutors provide guidance, training, and courtroom instruction to new misdemeanor attorneys. The program ensures misdemeanor prosecutors gain valuable experience and exposure to various courtroom situations as they progress through the office.

Improved Efficiency Programs


The DA’s Office worked with Technology Services to select and purchase the best and most cost-effective electronic discovery solution for Denton County. Using the new E-Discovery system, prosecutors are now able to efficiently and quickly provide complete criminal case discovery to defense attorneys electronically. The system enables a prosecutor to “copy” an entire case file for a defense attorney to access, view, and download electronically. The system notifies a defense attorney when discovery is available and creates a real-time “log” of all discovery provided in every case.


Developed a paperless E-Filing System to allow police departments to efficiently and easily file their cases with the DA's office electronically.