Working with Police and Crime Victims

Domestic Violence Task Force

Developed the Domestic Violence High Risk Team (DVHRT) where prosecutors from the DA’s office work with Denton PD and Friends of the Family to identify high risk Family Violence cases.  The focus of the team is to offer family violence victims a way out of potentially dangerous situations by providing them with needed resources, such as protective orders, safety plans, counseling, and shelter.

Law Enforcement Training

Provides regular training for Denton County law enforcement agencies, including: new officer and investigator training, legislative updates, and specialized prosecution training in the areas of DWI investigations, Assault Family Violence, and Crimes Against Children.

Liaison Program

Developed a liaison program with local law enforcement to allow police officers to have direct contact with prosecutors about their department’s cases.

Victim Support

Provides financial support to Denton County victims’ advocacy groups by donating 1000’s of dollars to the Denton County Children’s Advocacy Center, Friends of the Family, Ranch Hand Rescue, and CASA from assets seized from criminals.

⦁ Therapy Dog

Added a golden- doodle therapy dog named “Brady” to the staff. Brady helps comfort crime victims, especially young children, who have experienced violent and traumatic crimes such as physical abuse and sexual assault. Brady is available to help victims get through the stressful and unnerving process of being interviewed and testifying.